About Us!

The Filmfest Düsseldorf is one of the largest and most famous short film festivals in Germany and is completely in the hands of students of media and cultural studies at the Heinrich Heine University. Since 2003, every year we put together a 50-member team to work together for 12 months at Filmfest Düsseldorf, which has established itself in the landscape of german short film.
Always in November, we celebrate the short film for three days with a competition in which creative filmmakers can present their work to a broad audience and a selected jury of experts. On the first two days of the festival we roll out the red carpet at the Heinrich-Heine-University and transform the largest lecture hall into a cinema. For the final evening we will then go to the Filmmuseum in Düsseldorf’s Old Town (unfortunately not this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic).
Thanks to our long-standing commitment, the Filmfest Düsseldorf enjoys both national and international renown. Since we deliberately avoid genre specifications, we can present a broad and varied programme, to which we cordially invite you as our viewers.

Films and Awards

Out of more than 1000 international entries, 20-25 films are ultimately selected and put together for a final programme. With no boundaries in terms of content but the only criteria to have not published more than 5 films in the past, we espacially want to offer young filmmakers the opportunity to share their contribution in front of a large audience. Those who manage to impress the audience with their film, which has to be between 3 and 30 minutes, have earned a place in our programme. 
But no competition without winners! Who wins is primarily decided by the audience, which evaluates the films shown on a voting sheet during the first two days of the film festival. On the final day, the audiences‘ favorite film under and over 15 minutes will be awarded each receiving 750€. Our expert jury, which changes every year, also evaluates the films and awards their favorite one with the jury prize of 1000€.