The Board of Directors

We are Sophie, Amelie, Anouk & Camilla and the board of the 21st Düsseldorf Film Festival!
Since the beginning of the year we have been working on putting together another great short film festival for you!
Our job is to take care of the funding, finances and administration, keep an eye on the big picture and ensure that the work of our teams meshes well. We also try to create a space where everyone involved can grow together into a good team.
We have all been part of last year’s crew and for us this film festival is as much a key part of the HHU and MeKuWi as popcorn is for a good film! See you all in November!

The Acquisition Team

Hello everyone,
We are the 2023 Acquisition Team and we’re preparing this year’s programme! This year we set a new record by receiving over 1700 films! We watched them, rated them, and picked the best just for you! 
We have selected 16 films from around the world. These amazing films will make you laugh, cry, be moved, sit on the edge of your seat. We spent months watching all of the short films that had been entered so that you can enjoy a special and unique selection of films in this year’s programme.
We have also organised a top A jury with people from the industry and will support them during the festival. And we also accompany the filmmakers during the festival days.
We hope you enjoy this year’s films as much as we do. See you at the festival!

The Design Team

Hello, we are the Design Team 2023!
We take care of the visual and creative matters for the 70s retro flair.
This year’s motto was developed by our creative minds and ultimately implemented with each interim project. Our team designs, among other things, postcards, stickers, bags and special social media posts. Above all, however, we plunge into the mammoth projects, the main film festival poster and program booklet.
We hope you enjoy this year’s aesthetic and look forward to having you at Filmfest 2023!

The Technical Team

Even though the motto is the golden 20s, we from the technical team will again provide modern technology to be able to guarantee the best entertainment for you during the film festival days.

In addition to setting up the stage and the sound setup for our bands, our tasks also include controlling the programme in the auditorium and the Weltkunstzimmer. We also take care of the sound, lighting and transmission during the moderation and live interviews with the directors.

In addition to the technical aspects, we are also creatively active and feed our social media platforms with self-produced spots. There are teasers, trailers, the overture and also this year a documentary film for the twentieth anniversary of the film festival. As you can see, we’ve put in a lot of effort again this year to ensure that nothing is left to be desired.

The Marketing Team

We are the 2023 Marketing Team!
We’re looking forward to keeping you up to date on our social media channels this year and giving you all kinds of insights into the 21st Filmfest.
Our social media team will provide the best content on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok so stay tuned!
In addition, our sponsorship team takes care of all the sponsors and collaborations that make our film festival possible.
And to make sure everyone outside of social media knows about the film festival, we write press releases and do the general PR work.
Stay tuned, as we continue to bring you along on our social media channels and we look forward to seeing you at the Filmfest!

The Event Team

Hey everybody!
As the event team, we’re going all out this year to create a cool retro vibe in our venues.
But that’s not all! We have prepared a diverse musical program for you: Three great bands and a DJ will rock the stage and fill your festival days with unforgettable live music.
Of course, we also found the best moderators to guide you through our program.
And of course you can look forward to good food, refreshing drinks and delicious snacks.
We can’t wait to welcome you when the time comes to say:
„It’s getting dark, curtains up at Filmfest 2023!“

The Web Design Team

Hello dear Filmfest friends!
We are Kiara, Sam and Eva and together we’re taking care of the Filmfest-website this year. Our task is to keep the site up to date and to provide you with the latest information about dates or announcements!
We also make sure that all the important info concerning our program, jury, but also the promoters and sponsors.
So there is a lot going on our website before the festival!
If you’re curious and want to know more about us, feel free to visit our instagram @filmfest_duesseldorf  and also our other social media channels!