Crew 2022

The Board of Directors

To make our 20th anniversary a complete success, we have been taking care of the organization and coordination of our 63-member team since the beginning of the year. We do all the administration, organize the overall meetings and try to keep track of everything. In addition, we mainly keep an eye on the finances as well as the communication with our supporters.

We can’t wait to welcome you to our festival one more time and are looking forward to exciting films and a good time. Until then, stay healthy and we will see you at the Filmfest!

The Acquisition Team

Hello to all film fanatics!

We are the acquisition team for 2022 and are putting together the program for you this year. Over countless hours we have viewed over 1000 submissions which, fitting for the 20th anniversary of the festival, broke the submission record! Of the plethora of funny, tense and emotional short films only 16 can be shown at the film festival and we undertook the difficult task of choosing the crème de la crème of films to present to you! Hopefully, you’ll laugh along and be just as captivated by the films as we were!

Additionally, we also had the honour of organising the jury of significant players in the industry and are going to accompany and support them during the festival!

The Design Team

Hey, we are this year’s design team!

In keeping with the 20th anniversary of the film festival, we’re responsible for the creative work around the motto „The Golden 20s“.

In addition to the choice of motto, we take care of the design of festive flyers, postcards, bags and stickers. The rule with us is: there is so much discussion and trial and error until everyone is satisfied with the result. One of our bigger tasks is the design of the program booklet and, of course, the Filmfest poster, which you’re sure to find in many places in Düsseldorf. 

Come by, we expect you and toast to 20 years of Filmfest! 


The Technical Team

Even though the motto is the golden 20s, we from the technical team will again provide modern technology to be able to guarantee the best entertainment for you during the film festival days.

In addition to setting up the stage and the sound setup for our bands, our tasks also include controlling the programme in the auditorium and the Weltkunstzimmer. We also take care of the sound, lighting and transmission during the moderation and live interviews with the directors.

In addition to the technical aspects, we are also creatively active and feed our social media platforms with self-produced spots. There are teasers, trailers, the overture and also this year a documentary film for the twentieth anniversary of the film festival. As you can see, we’ve put in a lot of effort again this year to ensure that nothing is left to be desired.

The Marketing Team

May we introduce ourselves? We are the Marketing Team 2022! 

Ever wondered who’s responsible for social media content and making sure you get regular updates? Here we are! Our social media team takes care of keeping you updated on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and for the first time, Tiktok.

In addition, the communication with sponsors also falls into our responsibilities, which help us to be able to shape the film festival according to our ideas! Of course, PR work should not be missing – we also take care of press releases, so that no one misses our film festival anniversary!

The Event Team

We are the event team and we make sure that not only the films but also the surroundings of the film festival are a unique experience for you. 

We will conjure up a magical Golden 20ies atmosphere in our locations with our decorations, in keeping with this year’s motto, and let you immerse yourself completely in another world. At the same time, we will take care of the musical programme and sweeten the film festival days with live music from three bands and a DJ. 

And what would our film festival be without a successful presentation? Of course, we have looked for and found the best presenters for you, who will guide us through our programme skilfully and with lots of charm. We will also make sure that your culinary wishes are fulfilled and that you get something delicious to eat, drink and of course snack.

We look forward to seeing you soon when it’s „lights out, film on“ at Filmfest 2022!

The Web Design Team

Hello dear Filmfest friends!

My name is Lilian and I am in charge of the Filmfest Düsseldorf website this year. There I add all the important info about the festival concerning our program, jury, but also the promoters and sponsors.

So there is a lot going on our website before the festival! If you´re curious and want to know more about us, feel free to visit our instagram @filmfest_duesseldorf!