This Year’s Crew

The Board

We are the board of directors this year!

Whether it’s finances, organizing our 60+ students on the team, or general inquiries around the festival, the board takes care of it! 

This year, the focus is on putting on a great presentational festival. We’re up for finally being able to show exciting films on campus again. For this we give everything every day. Our goal: to welcome you all in November at the Filmfest Düsseldorf!

Peace & Love

The Acquisition Team

Hey, how are you doing? We’re the acquisition team and we’re mainly in charge of the film festival‘s program!

During the summer we clicked our way through almost 900 submissions, so that you can once again laugh, cry or just have a good time at the Filmfest.
During the acquisition process, we were confronted with a wide variety of films, which often left us thrilled, but also shocked sometimes.

At the Filmfest Düsseldorf we may finally present the Top 20 to you – and we hope you will like it! We also organized the jury and will support them at finding their way around at the Filmfest. The filmmakers who will visit us at the festival can also count on us!

The Design Team

We are the design team! 👋🏼🎨

Together we are a mixed bunch of creative minds and designing everything for the upcoming Filmfest adapted to this year’s motto: vaporwave! 🏁🌇

Our tasks are drawing, designing and talking about the implementation of super nice posters, flyers, stickers and the program booklet, which you can see soon all over Düsseldorf!  🎞🍿🥁

The Technical Team

Welcome to the Matrix. Here rules the technical team!

As you can probably tell, we are responsible for the technical setup during the festival. That means we take care of everything from setting up the stage and the sound for the performing bands to playing the movies on the big screen for you.

Our technical expertise is not all that we are known for though. We also happen to be the creative minds behind all the video productions that you get to see on our social media channels!

That being said, you would most likely find us behind the scenes – either with a camera in our hands or sitting in front of a screen. From there we make sure that everything runs smoothly out on the stage.

The Marketing Team

Hello dear Filmfest friends!
We are this year’s marketing team! 📲

We are the ones responsible for the social media content and are therefore in direct contact with you. You can find out all the news from us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, so be sure to leave a follow so you don’t miss anything. ☝🏼

But not only that: we also take care of the sponsors to give you the best film festival and make sure you have unforgettable days. Moreover, it is our job to make sure that many PR messages go out so that no one misses the film festival either! So, feel free to tell your friends and then we look forward to welcoming as many of you as possible with us. 😍

The Event Team

The event team would like to invite you to the team meeting!

We organize the location, cast the bands and stand behind the bar for you at the film festival.🍻

Our job is to make your evenings as beautiful as possible with music, red carpet, drinks and popcorn.

In advance, we are into storage, props and buying frenzy and, with creative help from the technical and design team, coordinate everything you will see around the films. At the film festival itself, we roll out the red carpet, bring the bands on stage during the breaks and get you the best seats in the hall. 🎥

The Web Design Team

Hello dear Filmfest friends!👋🏼

We are Johanna and Luana and this year we are responsible for the website. So, everything in the archive, press review, new information or the description of the Filmfest but also making everything look pretty, those are our job.

Those categories have been filled up already – so if you would like to see how the Filmfest changed and improved over the last years, have a look around.